The state service of the Republic of Kazakhstan is 20 years old

Public service is a key social institution of society, ensuring the functioning of all subsystems of social life – politics, culture, economy, social sphere. Because of the active actions of the reform, over the past twenty years, a national model of public service was created, with its own specifics and features, which is due to the concept of government management and socio-political structure of Kazakhstan.

Today, Kazakhstan has entered the path of sustainable economic growth, while maintaining a high rate of social recovery. The solution of strategic tasks for the subsequent modernization of society, as well as the entry of Kazakhstan into the top 30 most competitive countries is impossible without a highly qualified public service. The President of The Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev noted that today the world is entering the era of the Fourth industrial revolution, an era of profound and rapid change: technological, economic and social.

A qualitatively new model of the political system is being formed, designed to ensure a high level of openness and publicity of political processes. There is an optimization of work of state bodies, their organizational efficiency increases, as the public service should become an attractive place of work.

The implementation of the national Plan-100 concrete steps is carried out systematically, most of which have already been implemented, and the rest are long-term.  Thanks to political stability, all spheres of life are being modernized and the process of updating the national consciousness is taking place.                                                    During the years of independence, the Republic of Kazakhstan has achieved great success in cultural, political and socio-economic development. In a short historical period, the state service of the country has passed a long way of formation.

The main element of the Kazakh model of public service is the regulatory legal framework. One of the main features of the national legal framework of the civil service is its pronounced anti-corruption focus.

In the Strategy of development of Kazakhstan until 2050, one of the long-term priorities was the creation of a professional state. In this context, the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev «New possibilities of development in the fourth industrial revolution,» strategic article «Bolashaqqa baǵdar: Rýhanı jańǵyrý»  adoption program «Digital Kazakhstan» define a new vector of development of the public service. An important aspect of business process automation is the use of «smart» technologies that allow having remote access to internal document management systems, to assess risks, to analyze large amounts of information.

The implementation of tasks in the creation of a highly professional public service and effective management structure, which is facing our state, is largely due to the professionalism of the civil servant. One of the important steps in this issue is the formation of a positive image of the civil servant of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Throughout the world, the public sector is at the centre of attention, at the centre of social life. The main qualities that a civil servant should have are high moral responsibility, professional knowledge, ability to apply them in practice, honesty, integrity, active life position. Every person in the public service must realize the importance of their work and just be a patriot of their country.

Today’s period in the development of the country, the steadily growing gap between developed and developing countries, because of the challenges facing Kazakhstan, call for qualitatively new approaches to the reform of public administration and the state apparatus. The state apparatus must meet the needs of the country and effectively meet the challenges.

In the current circumstances, effective state personnel policy has become a powerful tool for the transformation of the state in all spheres. The formation of a modern, professional and Autonomous state apparatus was one of the decisive factors for the stable development of Kazakhstan.


Gennady Daniyarov,
Deputy head of the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for civil service Affairs and anti-corruption in Almaty